Yup, it’s nearly live for everyone and it’s been a good fun week working out which skillset I like the most on my Mage. I have settled on a Chloromancer/Warlock/Archon as it saves me having to spawn a pet and I can keep myself alive soloing Rift’s of my lvl or a few up no problem. I can also heal as much as I damage in PVP so it’ll definitely be a good build for getting the healing achievements done if there are any. I was having a blast in PVP earlier to day and we kicked ass. I got over 1000 faction in 4 battles and some of them were only partials. I hit lvl 19 today and was able to put on my sweet as Blue Sword and Totem, which work well together, and reduces my global cool-down to 2.1 seconds instead of 3. So skills go off more often and I utterly pwn most people in Black Garden PVP. Out of the 4 battles I had where I averaged 5k plus damage taken and done, as well as amount healed in each battle I only died 4 times and they were in the one battle we lost, after a good fight. I’ve finally found a mage class setup I understand and can PVP with, without having to be an uber button mashing master. So I am having fun and liking the game a lot. Can’t ask for more than that I guess.

Hope more people join to keep the game getting better. But they need to fix the login times for the Americans. I don’t have too many problems, but they sure do.

Peace All,