I have one lvl 50 (Max Level so far) and several 10 to 20’s (3). My Mage is my 50 and it’s ok for soloing normal mobs, crap for players and crap for bosses. Gonna lvl my Warrior for PVP next.

Most people I started with have left. Slackers. Mainly because they are too critical of the PVP issues. It’s a new game, and we need to support the developers for long enough for them to fix it up. With so many builds possible from the mixing of classes, of course there is going to be balance issues. Half the fun is finding a build that works for you.

Either way, I’m gonna stick it out for the next 6 months then play something else if it’s not fixed. Maybe Star Wars The Old Republic if it’s out by then. Seems like it’ll be a lot of fun either way.

Seeyou there