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1 and a bit Months Into Rift

I have one lvl 50 (Max Level so far) and several 10 to 20’s (3). My Mage is my 50 and it’s ok for soloing normal mobs, crap for players and crap for bosses. Gonna lvl my Warrior for PVP next.

Most people I started with have left. Slackers. Mainly because they are too critical of the PVP issues. It’s a new game, and we need to support the developers for long enough for them to fix it up. With so many builds possible from the mixing of classes, of course there is going to be balance issues. Half the fun is finding a build that works for you.

Either way, I’m gonna stick it out for the next 6 months then play something else if it’s not fixed. Maybe Star Wars The Old Republic if it’s out by then. Seems like it’ll be a lot of fun either way.

Seeyou there


Pre-Order Head Start ends and now it’s in shops.

Yup, it’s nearly live for everyone and it’s been a good fun week working out which skillset I like the most on my Mage. I have settled on a Chloromancer/Warlock/Archon as it saves me having to spawn a pet and I can keep myself alive soloing Rift’s of my lvl or a few up no problem. I can also heal as much as I damage in PVP so it’ll definitely be a good build for getting the healing achievements done if there are any. I was having a blast in PVP earlier to day and we kicked ass. I got over 1000 faction in 4 battles and some of them were only partials. I hit lvl 19 today and was able to put on my sweet as Blue Sword and Totem, which work well together, and reduces my global cool-down to 2.1 seconds instead of 3. So skills go off more often and I utterly pwn most people in Black Garden PVP. Out of the 4 battles I had where I averaged 5k plus damage taken and done, as well as amount healed in each battle I only died 4 times and they were in the one battle we lost, after a good fight. I’ve finally found a mage class setup I understand and can PVP with, without having to be an uber button mashing master. So I am having fun and liking the game a lot. Can’t ask for more than that I guess.

Hope more people join to keep the game getting better. But they need to fix the login times for the Americans. I don’t have too many problems, but they sure do.

Peace All,

Rift this weekend. Open Beta.

How good is this game Rift – Planes of Telara!!

I am hating the wait for it to go live, so that what I do I don’t have to do over and over again, but even with that in mind it’s still so much fun you spend more time enjoying the Rift battles, instead of worrying about what lvl you are and if your big enough to take that mob on. I am going to make a Rogue as my main when it goes live, but I have tried most classes, and they all have some sweet skills and are all really fun to play. I think my secondary will be a cleric, but mainly cause my brother Nightstalker will need one. He’s making a warrior class. We’re all going to the Dayblind PVP Server on the Defiant side. Message me if you need help in game.

The best feature of the game is the ability to be any combination of skill-sets in a class. Using 3 skill-sets at a time, you can make a very well rounded character, and still have the ability to swap to another completely different setup in the field, as long as you are not in battle. You can have up to 4 pre-saved skill-sets, each new one costing more money to purchase, but the first one is only 30 gold from the skill trainer in the main town. On Defiant this town is Meridian. Haven’t played Guardian Side much.

The money system is similar to WOW which I played and got bored with.

100 silvers makes 1 gold. 100 gold makes 1 platinum.

The pvp is fun, and requires a fair amount of skill, and a little bit of luck. You need to be facing your target to use your skills, which makes it more involved than most MMO PVP Systems. I like it as you feel more involved in the combat.

The regular Rift events are good fun too, and give decent rewards including weapons and armour and a few forms of money used to buy Planar Goods. Which are some of the better gear for each level.

The Open Beta starts this weekend at 10am PST on the 15th of February 2011, which is 5am on the 16th February 2011 for Australian players. So remember to get an early night.

See you in game,


(Character names in Rift include: Invisigoth my Rogue, Khrome my Ford Falcon and Warrior 🙂 Pathos my Mage, and Obsidianblack my Cleric.